Privacy Policy

Effective as of January 13, 2017

By using our (RoksNet Solutions OÜ) Services the User also accepts our Terms of Use. Please, review and accept them before using the Services. This Privacy Policy uses terms from Terms of Use and Technical Declaration.

First of all, we would like to declare that we have no access, that we do not read and do not see the details of User’s Content transferred via the Services, that we do not store the User’s Content, since it is transferred directly from User to User in encrypted form via protected data exchange channel and does not pass through our servers. We collect the minimum information necessary in order to achieve the objectives set forth in this policy.

  • By using the Services, the User provides us their personal data.

  • User’s privacy is of utmost importance to us. This Privacy Policy explains what personal data is collected and how we use the data.

  • This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as «the Policy») is applied with regard to all information that RoksNet can receive in connection with the User during use of any Services and performance of any agreements and contracts with the User by RoksNet.

  • Use of the Services indicates unconditional consent of the User with this Policy and the conditions stipulated in it in connection with handling of the personal data. Where the User does not agree with these conditions, the User shall not use the Services.

  • At the time of registration for use of the Service the following data can be collected (including, but not limited to): the User’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date and/or year of birth and the User’s preferences, entity information (hereinafter jointly referred to as «the Registration Information»). In connection with any transaction and payment services the following data can be collected (including, but not limited to): bank accounts numbers, payment service provider, numbers of credit and debit cards and their expiry dates, data from cash receipt and bank transfer orders (hereinafter jointly referred to as «the Banking Details») along with other information to facilitate sales and purchases and also in order to agree on the prices of products or services sold by RoksNet.

  • Occasionally we collect the information on our existing and potential Users during exhibitions, industry and other events (hereinafter jointly referred to as «the Event Information»). We collect and store the information about Users’ activity in our Services, including, but not limited to the following: IP addresses, search models and behavioral patterns of Users (hereinafter referred to as «the Activity Information»). We also collect statistical data about use of the Services (hereinafter referred to as «the Statistics»). The Registration Information, the Banking Details, the Statistics and the Event Information are mainly related to entities and are jointly referred to as «the Commercial Information». Solely to the extent that such information contains personally identifiable data of a private person, it is referred to as «the Personal Data».

  • The Users must provide certain Commercial Information and Personal Data (in accordance with the requirements provided at registration). In the case of failure to provide any Commercial or Personal Information indicated as obligatory, we are unable to accomplish registration of such a User or grant the User access to the Services.

  • By providing Commercial or Personal Information to RoksNet the User confirms their approval of data collection, storage and use of Commercial or/and Personal Information for their identification and for following purposes:

    1. Confirmation of User’s right to be registered as the User of the Services;

    2. Handling of User’s registration data as the User, support and management of their account;

    3. Providing customer services to the User, answering their questions, feedback, demands and claims;

    4. Ensuring interaction between the Users;

    5. Performance of studies and statistical analysis in order to improve operation of the Services to facilitate their promotion and marketing;

    6. In case of receipt of User’s approval in the form set out by applicable legislation, we are entitled to use their name, name of the entity, telephone number, address, e-mail address and other data (hereinafter jointly referred to as «the Marketing Information») in order to inform the User about researches, new services, and other specialties related to our Services.

    7. If the User voluntarily submits to us any information to be published using the Services by means of special publishing tools, including but not limited to the following: the Entity Information, the Service catalogue, the User Registry, the Content Service Directory or any other information, it is considered that the User provides their consent for publication of this information using the Services (hereinafter referred to as «the Voluntary Information»).

    8. Disclosure of information which is necessary for any of abovementioned purposes or required by the laws, normative acts, rules and instructions or applicable to any investigation, claim or possible claim lodged by us or against us.

Disclosure of Personal Data
  • The User also agrees that we can disclose or transfer their Commercial Information and Personal Data to the service providers engaged by us for assistance in providing our services including without limitation the following services: data input, database management, promotion, information sharing (hereinafter referred to as «the Service Providers»). Such Service Providers are bound by confidentiality agreements concluded with us and have the right to use User’s Commercial Information and Personal Data solely for the purposes stipulated in this Privacy Policy and not for their personal purposes.

  • The User agrees that we can disclose or transfer User’s Commercial Information and Personal Data for the purposes stipulated in this Privacy Policy to other companies affiliated with us and/or Service Providers appointed by such affiliated companies.

  • Where necessary we can disclose or transfer User’s Commercial Information and Personal Data to our professional consultants, law enforcement authorities, insurance companies, state and other bodies for the purposes stipulated in this Privacy Policy.

  • Any Commercial Information and Personal Data provided to us will be saved and made available to our personnel, Service Providers and third parties mentioned in this Policy in connection with and for the purposes stipulated in this Privacy Policy.

  • Any Voluntary Information can be made openly available at the Services and as the result made accessible to any users of the Internet. Any Voluntary Information disclosed to us by the User becomes public information and the User waives any property rights (including without limitation the rights for confidentiality and any copyright) with regard to this information. Be careful while making the decision to send to us any personal or official information.

  • We have the right to provide your Banking Details to the banks or Service Providers in order to enable your transactions with RoksNet. We can also use your Banking Details to evaluate your payment behavior, and provide access to the Banking Details to banks or credit institutions. Although we employ advanced technologies and internal procedures for protection of your Banking Details from extraneous interference there are no guaranties that these technologies will prevent any and all risks connected with stealing, loss or misuse of data.

  • We have the right to provide the Statistical Data to third parties. However, without the User’s consent we do not provide to such third parties any personally identifiable data.

  • In order to offer User’s benefits of goods and services not provided by us we ensure the User access to third parties and the Internet sites or place hyperlinks to these websites in the Services or by providing access to joint websites where in cooperation with third parties we use the unified resource locator, the domain name or the page inside the domain on the Internet. In some cases, the User has to provide the Personal Data for registration or shopping service supplied by third parties or partners. This Privacy Policy does not apply to such websites of third parties or joint websites. The Privacy Policy of third parties can differ from our policy and we have no control over the information that the User provides to third parties. The User has to review related secure policies of third parties’ websites and joint sites by reacting to offers, goods and services promoted by such third parties.

Right to access/change the Personal Data
  • The User has the right for access the Personal Data and request to change such data.

  • If the User has any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or if the User would like to get the access and correct their Personal Data, the User has to send a written request to the following address

Cookie files
  • We use cookie files (hereinafter referred to as «the Cookies») for keeping certain information about the Users and monitor Users visits to website. Using the Cookies is a usual practice for websites on the Internet to improve identification of the Users.

  • Services and their content are not intended for juveniles (persons who has not reached 18 years of age) and we do not intend to provide our Services to juveniles. Nevertheless, we have no means to determine the age of persons using our Services. If a juvenile provided us his/her Personal Data without the consent of parents or legal guardians, the parents or the legal guardians have to contact us.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
  • Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to all Users by means of publishing amendments or new editions of the Privacy Policy on the Services. A new Privacy Policy becomes effective on the date of publishing on the Services. The User confirms that latest available version of the Policy will apply to the matters connected with any of User’s Personal Data kept by us (as stipulated in this Privacy Policy and regardless of whether such data was collected before or after the new Privacy Policy becomes effective).