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Challenges we help to solve

  • Personal data exchange

  • Business process automation

RoksNet Machine to Machine (M2M) messenger is a secure data exchange environment.

The distributed architecture of the M2M messenger allows you to create a scalable peer-to-peer network with unlimited number of users.


Organize data exchange between different entities information systems without human intervention, automatically.


Since information systems automatically execute an algorithm (program) and cannot independently evaluate the reliability of information, means that the exchanging data must be securely protected.

In order to be able to investigate unusual situations and to identify the perpetrators, the log file with the transaction history must have an official status.


Encryption - the content of exchanged messages are available only for the sender and the receiver.

System authorization - both, the sender and the receiver systems can be 100% sure, that on the other side is a system, which they need to communicate with.

Electronic signature - all transactions are signed and official documents. As they are signed in accordance with the law, they can be used in court.

Logging - official acts of data transmissions, signed and time stamped by parties are made automatically and they can be used in court. The sender and the receiver store these files in their system and can always trace all operations. Users have full control of their log files.

Decentralization - data moves directly from the sender to the receiver. All functions are performed by the application and without any participation of central server or other intermediaries. This means when the communication begins, user A application connects through the protected channel directly with user B application.

Vendor neutral - the ability to quickly interfaced with any platform.

All these challenges can be solved with RoksNet Data Messenger.

Process example

"Company registration"
or some other government service
Automated process between 12 systems:
Duration - 1 minute
Involved employees - 0
Delivery costs - 0
Papers - 0

4 reasons to use RoksNet

  • Quick and easy deployment
  • It’s based on X-Road proven technology
  • It’s using PKI / Blockchain values
  • Special tool for businesses and governments

Standard in
Deployed by more than 1300 entities.

How does RoksNet work?

RoksNet Security Server application is installed in each information system locally.

Each time you need to exchange the data with another organization then Security Server:

  • identifies the partner system
  • creates a secure channel between your systems
  • encrypts the communication (end-to-end)
  • digitally signs each messages
  • creates the log files
  • timestamps the log files

What software you get with RoksNet?

Security Server software for automated data transactions.


End-user Portal software for manual data transactions.

Features of RoksNet?

The principle of a Single Window

RoksNet Data Messenger needs to be installed only once. After that you can quickly make a secure data exchange with any other RoksNet user. For example: submit a tax return, a customs declaration, participate in tenders and auctions, conclude contracts between companies, issue invoices, sign certificates for completion of works and perform other operations, like in Estonia.

Delicate connection with RoksNet Data Messenger

RoksNet Security Server will be installed on the user's server. It operates only on a question-and-answer basis and it’s not integrated with the processes inside the user’s information system, so it can’t disrupt its operation. With RoksNet M2M messenger you don’t have to change your existing system. Your information system simply responds to requests from another information system without providing direct access to internal processes.

Unlimited speed and traffic volume

We don’t use central servers for data brokerage. This means that all data moves between systems directly and it’s faster than you think! Moreover – third parties can’t control the volume and content of your data.

“Building Block” for several e-Society developments

We have ready-to-use Building Block for you.

Automatically documented transactions

All data transmitted through RoksNet have an electronic signature, time stamp, log file and can be used as an official document. It doesn’t matter whether the data is a document, letter, news, technical data from sensors etc.

RoksNet M2M Messenger


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Why us?

"Our team has more than 15 years of experience in Estonia and Finland. The solution we are offering has made Estonia one of the best functioning e-Societies in the world* where almost everything is done digitally. RoksNet offers the same opportunity for everyone globally."

Riho Oks

Estonian experience shows that standards based, secure and integrated communication saves considerable amount of money. For example, more than 574 million secure transactions were made between information systems in Estonia in 2016, where the population is 1.3 million people. Around 4% of these transactions were made by people themselves by using integrated e-services, instead of going physically to service providers. The rest of the transactions were made automatically by systems. Assuming that every request saves 15 minutes, 4% of transactions made by people helped to save 5.7 million working hours in a previous year in Estonia alone. We can only guess how big was the impact of the remaining 96% of automated transactions.

* Estonia is one of a handful of countries closest to becoming a digital societyWorld Development Report 2016

-- Siim Sikkut
Digital Policy Adviser to Government & Prime Minister of Estonia
"e-Estonia has been greatly made possible by X-Road - it has allowed us to build up an efficient, seamless and safe digital society. As Mr Riho Oks had instrumental role in the implementation of X-Road in Estonia and also its uptake in Finland, I am sure that Roksnet can in very practical and useful ways help you create safe and convenient digital services everywhere - they know how to make it work."
-- Andrus Ansip
European Commissioner for Digital Single Market and Vice President of the European Commission
Prime Minister of Estonia (2005 - 2014)
Internet Pioneer
"The security and privacy challenges facing Internet users are growing every day. The RoksNet Service, which makes 15 years of the e-Estonian experience available, is a big step towards a safer Internet."

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Need support?

Support service helps you to deploy RoksNet on complicated systems within hours. If you require our assistance, please fill out the form below.

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  • Need help setting up a Security Server?

  • Need help setting up a RoksNet Portal?

  • Need help setting up AUTH/SIGN certificates?

  • Need help with an Adapter development?

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